Jheronymus Bosch and Venice

Opening date: 18/02/2017 | Closing date: 04/06/2017 | Exhibitions

An exhibition dedicated to the great Hieronymus Bosch and the collections in Venice of his works.

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The Start of Carnevale in Venice

Opening date: 19/02/2017 | Closing date: 19/02/2017 | Entertainment

The traditional Flight of the Angel officially opens the festivities of Carnevale in Piazza San Marco.

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36 Sonatas for Piano by Ludwig van Beethoven

Opening date: 03/02/2017 | Closing date: 30/03/2017 | Music

A must-see event from the new ambitious project of the Conservatory of Venice.

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Before the Alphabet. Voyage to Mesopotamia for the Origins of Writing

Opening date: 20/01/2017 | Closing date: 25/04/2017 | Exhibitions

A Voyage through Time to 6000 years ago, in the Land of the Two Rivers at the dawn of humanity.

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Opera 2016

Opening date: 02/02/2017 | Closing date: 19/03/2017 | Exhibitions

“I lay down to sleep among the murderers…” (“Per dormire mi distesi in mezzo agli assassini”). End-of-Residence exhibition of the artists of Bevilacqua La Masa.

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