Markku Piri

Markku Piri with Gianni Seguso, Fontana Reticello (Detail) | Photo: Flavia Barbini | © Markku Piri

At the Museo del Vetro, the works created by the master glassworkers of Murano for the project of Finnish artist Markku Piri, from a collaboration that has gone on for years, resulting in harmonious forms and colours, that re-elaborate ancient suggestions concerning memory, voyages and personal research on history and art. Among the works on display, a site specific installation of “giant pearls” mounted on a five-metre string as well as some pieces created using a double filigree technique, emblematic of the masters of Murano, within the newly conceived forms of the artist.

  1. Keywords: venice,, museo del vetro, nozio business, markku piri, exhibitions 2017-2018

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